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Our Services

From introducing you to industry influencers to running creative and strategic awareness campaigns and securing top-tier coverage – we’ve got your back:

Media Relations

Everyone has a story to tell. Starting with a deep understanding of your business, from your founding date to your favorite pizza topping, we are able to develop creative and impactful media coverage across top-tier national, regional, and targeted trade outlets, and - most importantly - build a relationship with the key reporters in your sector.

Positioning and Messaging

We help distill a company’s key attributes and competitive advantages to create a clear and compelling narrative that will shape consumer preferences, drive interest, and build a loyal base of advocates.

Content Creation

Content is King. Whether it’s a byline series, blog post, white paper, press release, or another kind form of content, count on us to deliver crisp, impactful content that sells your products, markets your services, and supports your brand.

Awards & Events

We showcase your expertise by securing speaking opportunities at the top conferences, placing bylines in key outlets, and establishing thought leadership within your industry.

Social Media

Can you tell your story in 140 characters? We can. We elevate and streamline the social media process from beautiful content creation, to friendly community management, and everything in between.

Executive Coaching and Media Training

Being prepared is never more important than in an interview, where every word you speak may end up on the front page of the New York Times. We prepare clients for every media interaction to ensure that they deliver the right messages and make the most of every interview.

Our Expertise

At Emergent Layer we love working with emerging technologies. With trailblazers. With those who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world. We love distilling big, hairy ideas down to their atoms and reorganizing them into digestible pieces that everyone can understand and be excited for. While you focus on changing the future, we let the world know how you did it.