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About Us

Emergent Layer is a strategic communications firm that delivers media and analyst relations — combined with leading social strategy — to drive sustainable attention to your business. We help businesses grow through compelling storytelling and persistent media attention.

We share disruptive organizations and promising startup ideas with the most influential and impactful publications. Our clients have been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Forbes, WIRED, Bloomberg, and more — resulting in prolific earned media campaigns, accelerated sales growth, and acquisitions.

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Emergent Layer


The name was given to the tallest trees that poke up above the rainforest canopy. Only the strongest and tallest reach this level. We view ideas as seeds on fertile soil, sprouting, laying roots, and growing upward toward the sky. As strategic partners, we help shine a light on your business, nurture it, and help it reach towards the sky.