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Media Relations

We are able to develop creative and impactful media coverage across top-tier national, regional and targeted trade outlets, and - most importantly - build a relationship with the key reporters in your sector.


Positioning & Messaging

We help distill a company's key attributes and competitive advantages to create a compelling narrative that will shape consumer preferences, drive interest, and build loyal base of advocates.


Social Media

We elevate and streamline the social media process from beautiful content creation, to friendly community management, and everything in between.

Management Skills

We listen, we respond, we engage.

With nearly a decade in marketing and media relations in Silicon Valley, our team identified a gap in PR. The largest firms often “priced out” early-stage companies, even the most innovative and promising. They removed the “relations” from PR, viewing clients as line items and repeating the same tactics, rather than getting to know their clients and building long-lasting relationships with the reporters that would be interested in their story.


Events & Awards

Let us help you showcase your expertise in the industry by helping you share your thoughts with your peers and ultimately position you as the premier thought leader in your space.


Content Creation

Content is King. Whether it's a byline series, blog post, white paper, or press release, count on us to deliver crisp, impactful content that supports your brand.


Executive Coaching & Media Training

The Boy Scouts mantra, Be Prepared, is never more important than in an interview. We prepare clients for every media interaction to ensure that they deliver the right messages.

Emergent Layer – Def: the name given to the tallest trees that tower above the rainforest canopy. Only the strongest and tallest reach this level. We view ideas as seeds on fertile soil, sprouting, laying roots and growing upwards toward the sky. As strategic partners, we help shine a light on your business, nurture it and help it touch the sky.

Working with Emergent Layer has helped us land top-tier coverage that has resulted in greater exposure, leads, and deals. I highly recommend them and am impressed with their tenacity and creativity.

Ross O’Brien Founder, Bonaventure Equity

Emergent Layer has been a key partner of ours and the only PR firm who has taken the time to understand the science behind our lights and been able to distill the challenging scientific lingo into stories that highlight the benefits of our product and vision of our company.

Noah Miller CEO, Black Dog LED

We’ve been able to punch well above our weight thanks to Emergent Layer’s media experience, resulting in amazing ink in Forbes, Digital Trends, and Leafly among others that have resulted in massive pre-order success.

Doug Guy CEO, Cloudponics